Birtley Coal & Minerals Testing, a division of Gwil Industries Inc., has served the Canadian coal industry for over 40 years. Birtley operates an independent commercial testing facility with its primary focus on the analysis and beneficiation of coal. The facility, located in Calgary Alberta, consists of a full service coal laboratory including a bulk handling and sample preparation facility. We can process individual samples ranging from less than 100 grams to over 50 tons. We also provide testing to other resource and environmental firms, as well as coal bed methane testing.

Birtley's staff has extensive experience in all aspects of sample preparation and testing. On average the technical staff has over 13 years of testing experience with Birtley. Analytical services range from routine coal tests for moisture and ash to more specialized testing ranging from coal fluidity and dilatation to methane gas desorption. The oil and gas industry uses our services to assess oils sands, tar sands and oil shales

Our laboratory adheres to ASTM and ISO preparation and testing specifications and has Quality Control processes in place. We have participated in the International Canadian Coal Laboratories Round Robin Series (CANSPEX) since its inception, and our test results are consistently ranked in the preferred groupings. We are a member of the Coal Association of Canada.

Our regular client base consists of all the major Canadian coal producers as well as many of the oil and gas firms actively exploring for coal bed methane.

Gwil Industries Inc. is a privately held Canadian corporation with its executive offices in Vancouver, British Columbia. Other business interests include Gwil Crane Services and Millennium Electronics, both based in Vancouver.